Welcome to Robby's Reef

Family and friends of Robby Redding found a unique way to honor his memory by creating "Robby's Reef." Yes, it's a real artificial reef constructed by OAR and located in the Gulf of Mexico – about 10 miles southeast of Dog Island. And it's ready for your visit!

Robby was an avid boater/fisherman who was also passionate about tractors and heavy equipment, even after being confined to a wheelchair following an auto accident in 2000. Robby touched many hearts and lives during the remaining eight years of his life – volunteering, organizing get-togethers and helping non-disabled people better understand the disabled world. He was fondly known as the "mayor" of Dogwood Hill in Tallahassee, Florida. 

We'd like to thank Mike Bettinger who not only created but also donated time and material to build the "Crabtor," a 10,000-pound steel sculpture resembling a trackhoe that will serve as the monument marking Robby's Reef.

Meet the Crabtor
What is on Robby's Reef

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Organization for Artificial Reefs - OAR is a non-profit group dedicated to enhancing the marine ecology and recreational opportunities in Florida's Big Bend. Read more »

Walter Marine - Walter Marine/“Reefmaker” was founded in 1986. Over the years we have become the largest deployer of artificial reefs in the United States.
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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) - This government agency, charged with managing the state's fish and wildlife resources for generations to come, switched gears to become more proactive and partner-oriented when it changed names and scope in 1999. Read more »